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Why goTNA?

What is goTNA?

  • goTNA is a web based solution to automate the Training Need Analysis – TNA process
  • goTNA makes it easy to maintain Employee Profile and to develop Training Calendar
  • goTNA makes it compelling for all employees to participate in making TNA possible

Behind every success of an organization are competent employees, those who strive for excellence thereby improving productivity and profitability by improving existing attitude, skill and knowledge (ASK). And the recipe—the ability to identify, analyze, improve and monitor employee’s competency. And YES, goTNA can help you make that happen!

goTNA automates the entire training cycles in one highly integrated software which are valuable for continued improvement and compliance as follow:

  • Assess & Analyze – identify employee expected vs actual competency and performance and analyze the training needed to improve competency and performance
  • Design Program – Automatic training suggestion by matching the training with the area where employee need improvement and using central training calendar to conduct the training
  • Deliver Program – Easily share training documents and information among participant, send notifications and monitor attendance
  • Evaluate Performance – Capture participant feedback, monitor employee performance 3-6 months after attending training and repeat/abandon training based on the training efficiency

goTNA system is a proven, web-based employee training solution that provides user assurance that training programs are properly conducted and documented. The computer based training software solution from goTNA, acts as a central repository for all training documents, electronically executes routing and delivery of training tasks. After assignments have been fulfilled, goTNA’s computer-based training software automatically tracks training program status and sends follow-up notification to appropriate parties.

Suggesting Training Automatically

Suggested Remediation is a stage where Training Programs are suggested and assigned. goTNA covers the training remediation where every performance problem will be linked to appropriate training program.

goTNA provides proactive mechanism to address competency by allowing HR to see all the training programs that an employee should attend in order to address competency problem. This list of training suggestion will be listed with the highest priority on the top along with the rating of the program.

Once a training program is scheduled, HR can then easily find and list the most relevant training participant for the training program. From there, HR can accept the suggested listing or make own selection based on other selection criteria. Once the participant has been selected, the training will be listed in the Employee Training Calendar.

The screen shows the suggested remediation for a specific employee along with its appropriate rating. HR can now easily find who should attend specific training program or find the best training program for a specific employee.